Hepco&Becker エンジンプロテクションバー ブラック Honda CBF 600 until 2007 | 501938 00 01

Whether you ride more on rugged terrain, on country roads or in town; a HEPCO&BECKER guard is always the right choice. Your motorcycle is always effectively protected against an unexpected mishap.
And even more: If the bike falls over or makes unintentional contact with the ground, it can protect both, bike and rider from more serious consequences.
HEPCO&BECKER protection bars follow the lines of the bike perfectly, giving it a customized appearance. Made with extremely stable tube-in-tube construction. Depending on the vehicle model, various surface finishes are available.
protection during pushovers or falls
helps, when tying up the motorcycle
premium surface finish
easy assembly
delivery: right side, left side, mounting kit and manual
high quality german steel tube
please check manual or bike specific note for more info
Suitable for : Honda CBF 600 until 2007
Compatible with following models
Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. : 501938 00 01
EAN : 4042545502706
Vehicle specific information : Please check mounting instructions for more info
Weight : 3.7 kg


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低価格で大人気の | 2007 until 600 CBF Honda ブラック エンジンプロテクションバー Hepco&Becker 501938 01 00-エンジンガード


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