【NEW限定品】 SWモテック 650(15-).|KFT.08.518.40000/B Versys Kawasaki systemBlack. case side NANUK ツーリング用ボックス ヴェルシス650 【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH-トップケース・リアボックス

【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH ヴェルシス650 ツーリング用ボックス NANUK side case systemBlack. Kawasaki Versys 650(15-).|KFT.08.518.40000/B SWモテック

●商品名:NANUK side case systemBlack. Kawasaki Versys 650(15-).|KFT.08.518.40000/B



NANUK side case system for the Kawasaki Versys 650(15-)This system includes two extremely sturdy NANUK side cases,two EVO side carriers,an adapter kit,a lock set,anti-theft protection and a practical multitool for releasing the the quick-release fasteners on the removable side carrier easily.In short:with this case system,your machine is good to go for your next long tour.The NANUK cases made from 5 mm thick,UV-resistant plastic protect the case contents from water,dust and impacts.An integrated valve provides automatic pressure equalization in strong pressure and temperature fluctuations.This allows the waterproof case to be opened easily at any time.The side carrier offers 35 l of storage and can be mounted to the EVO side carrier in two movements.The EVO side carrier by SW-MOTECH with patented QUICK-LOCK quick-release fasteners can be completely removed in one motion,and they provide a secure grip for the cases during the ride.With the included anti-theft protection,a quick-release fastener can be replaced on each side and the carrier can be protected against thieves.The NANUK case is then secured to the side carrier with a lockable latch.The case lid also has two matching locks and reinforced optional padlock inserts.Features of the NANUK side casesRobust:Side case made of UV-resistant,extremely shock- and impact-resistant plastic with 5 mm thick wallsSecure hold on PRO or EVO side carriers by SW-MOTECH:The pre-installed support rail of the case is locked into place on the four mounting bolts of the side carrier and secured with a lockable latch on the carrierAnti-theft protection:The NANUK cases have strong,lockable latch buckles and are secured to the side carrier by a lockComfortable:Wide,soft-grip carrying handle with folding mechanism,side hinged lid with lid limiter at 110°Waterproof:A special seal in the lid protects the case contents from penetrating water or dustAn integrated valve makes it possible to easily open the lid even in strong pressure and temperature fluctuations.Included in delivery are one key and a replacement key per NANUK caseA lock set is included to secure the NANUK case on the side carrier.Inner dimensions:452 mm x 409 mm x 239 mmOuter dimensions:503 mm x 409 mm x 254 mmMaterial:Plastic/Stainless steel componentsColor:BlackWeight:4.8 kgFeatures of the EVO side carriersBike-specific development for perfect fitSimple mounting on original mounting pointsCompletely removable:Attachment and removal within seconds with quick-release fasteners at inconspicuous attachment pointsOptional anti-theft protection included in deliveryPowerful corrosion protection thanks to powder coatingMaterial:SteelColor:BlackSurface:Powder coatedFeatures of the lock set2 matching locks with 2 identical keysFor securing the NANUK side cases to the side carriersFeatures of the anti-theft protection for EVO side carriersAnti-theft protection for EVO side carriersWith the anti-theft protection,any two quick release fasteners can be replacedSet for right and left EVO side carriers,consisting of 2 matching locks and 2 identical keysFeatures of the multitool key chainMultitool as practical key chainQuick-release fastener opener for EVO side carriersHex key(14 mm)-ideal for many motorcycle mirrorsHex keys in four additional sizes(8,10,12,13 mm)Bottle openerKey chain eyeletWith laser-etched SW-MOTECH logoMaterial:Stainless steelColor:SilverSurface:BrushedIncluded in delivery2 NANUK side cases incl.2 x 2 keys2 EVO side carriers for Kawasaki Versys 650(15-)1 adapter kit1 lock set1 anti-theft protection for EVO side carriers1 multitool key chainMounting materialMounting instructions



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【NEW限定品】 SWモテック 650(15-).|KFT.08.518.40000/B Versys Kawasaki systemBlack. case side NANUK ツーリング用ボックス ヴェルシス650 【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH-トップケース・リアボックス

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【NEW限定品】 SWモテック 650(15-).|KFT.08.518.40000/B Versys Kawasaki systemBlack. case side NANUK ツーリング用ボックス ヴェルシス650 【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH-トップケース・リアボックス

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